Sector Agricultural and Rural Development
Program/Project Title Rural Coastal Community Development in Egypt (NEMO)
Location Matrouh Governorate
Duration 36 months
Start – End date 01.05.2015 – 31.04.2018
Budget 943.880 Euro
Aid Channel Bilateral
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart MALR, GAFRD, DRC, ARC
Implementing Institution IAM Bari
Description Enhancing socio-economic development in the rural coastal communities in Egypt, specifically Matrouh Governorate. In particular:

i) promoting a sustainable development process for rural coastal communities in Egypt to enhance their resilience and prosperity.

ii) increasing capacity and consciousness of local fishermen community of Matrouh to enhance their institutional, multifunctional and territorial roles in Matrouh Governorate.

Expected Results 1.      Local Coastal Rural Community Performances through administrative and technical support enhanced

2.      Pilot activities to enhance typical product

3.      Income generation through training and demonstration activities delivered to local fishermen and farmers valorized and diversified.

4.      Coastal Cultural Heritage and Territorial Awareness

Target Beneficiaries Matrouh coastal communities and local associations (fishermen and farmers)
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