Sector Economic Development
Program/Project Title Initiatives for local development of Egypt through the support of Egyptians abroad (ILDEA)
Location Egypt, Italy
Duration 20 months
Start – End date 01.01.2017-30.06.2018
Budget 400 000 Euro
Aid Channel Bilateral
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Implementing Institution International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Description To increase the developmental impact of Egyptian expatriates’ financial and technical contributions to Egypt by enabling their effective engagement in local communities’ development initiatives.
Expected Results 1.      Opportunities to engage Egyptian expatriates in local development initiatives are identified and realized

i.      National authorities are aware of opportunities and understand how Egyptian expatriates may be integrated into local community development initiatives

ii.      Communication and networking mechanisms are in place to support dialogue and the inclusion of Egyptian expatriates in local community development

2.      Egyptian expatriates contribute to meeting specific local development needs

3.      Egyptian expatriate communities in Italy engage in the implementation of small-scale local community development projects in Egypt

4.      Good practices and lessons derived from the implementation of micro-projects are disseminated to support replication in other governorates of Egypt and in collaboration with additional Egyptian expatriate associations

Target Beneficiaries Local communities in Egypt with poor socio-economic performance and high emigration rates; Egyptian expatriates interested in engaging in local development in communities of origin.
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