On November 15th, 2017, Ambassador of Italy H.E. Giampaolo Cantini and Head of AICS Cairo Office Dr Felice Longobardi met with the Minister of Trade and Industry H.E. Tarek Kabil to discuss bilateral relations and cooperation activities in the field of trade and economic development.

Concerning development cooperation activities it has been emphasized the importance of a close collaboration to achieve expected results in the many projects AICS works on, in the framework of both the @Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme (IEDS) and the bilateral cooperation. On that regard, AICS strongly contributes to the enhancement of the Egyptian economic situation, in line with the priorities and strategies outlined by the Egyptian Government. During the meeting, special attention was given to initiatives, such as the development of the Robbiki Leather City with an additional financing of 6 million Euros, the 45 million-Euros-project on Private Sector Development that aims at supporting Egyptian MSMEs, and the Egyptian Cotton Value Chain Development initiative, through a public-private partnership with an Italian Company, that aims at reviving one of the most precious and cherished crop Egypt is endowed with.