Sector Social Affairs
Program/Project Title Fighting gender violence in Egypt through a coordinated approach of prevention and protection
Location Egypt
Duration 24 months
Start – End date 01.06.2017-01.07.2018
Budget 2 Million Euro
Aid Channel Bilateral
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart UNFPA
Implementing Institution UNFPA
Description This initiative aims to create an environment beneficial to the strengthening of the rights of women in political, legal, social and cultural development, enhancing skills of national and local entities that respond to cases of gender-based violence (Gender-Based Violence – GBV) and promoting a strategy to combat the abuse of women throughout the Egyptian territory.
Expected Results 1.      A strategic framework for the implementation and institutionalization of the National GBV strategy and GBV essential services, inclusive of a comprehensive 5 year plan is, developed and operational

2.      Effective laws and policies successfully in place to deter GBV in all its forms

3.      Awareness raising campaigns aimed at rectifying religious discourse and public perceptions condoning GBV developed and implemented

4.      Efficient justice and policing systems supporting GBV victims in place and activated

5.      GBV health services essential package integrated, GBV guidelines operationalized in MOH hospitals and referral system activated.

6.      Victims of GBV have access to essential Social Services.

7.      GBV coordination unit established and capacitated at NCW to coordinate the implementation and monitoring of national GBV strategy

8.      A network of gender focal points is established at relevant line ministries and national institutions at central and local levels to support implementation and monitoring of action plan

9.      A CSO/NGO network in place to provide periodic shadow reporting on the implementation of GBV strategy, including prevention and protection measures in place

10.  GBV Joint program coordination and management efficiently in place

Target Beneficiaries Women victims of violence or at risk
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