Sector Agriculture and Rural Development
Program/Project Title Matrouh Sustainable Development Project
Location  Matrouh Governorate
Duration 3 years
Start – End date 01.04.2014- 31.12.2017
Budget LE 14,412 Million
Aid Channel Italian Food Aid Fund
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation/ Desert Research Center
Implementing Institution CIHEAM Bari, in coordination with DRC
Description The project aims to improve livelihoods and living conditions of rural communities in North west coast of Egypt through rehabilitation,

protection and promotion of natural resources (Wadi, Cistern, Reservoirs), and valorization of main crops (olive oil, and fig) through:

• Support sustainable natural resource management in the dry land agro-pastoral areas (Rehabilitation of 3 Km of wadi, construction of 72 cistern, and other activities to capture rain water.

• Improve agronomic practices to increase yields and support sustainability

• Provide incentives for income generating activities, improve livelihoods and socio-economic conditions of the rural Bedouin people and enhancing the role of women

• Improve technology transfer, research and innovation results and dissemination

Expected Results 1.      Management of soil and water resources through the Rehabilitation of 3 Km of new Wadi, construct 30 Cistern to harvest rain water, and technical support has been provided for the following agricultural practices:

2.      Olive, figs and vegetables chains developed;

3.      Gender condition improved;

4.      Research and knowledge transfer provided;

Target Beneficiaries The rural communities, local associations and pilot farmer’s groups in particular Bedouin farmers and their families.
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