Sector Social Affairs
Program/Project Title Promoting children’s rights and family empowerment in Fayoum Governorate program
Location Fayoum Governorate
Duration 24 months
Start – End date 01.05.2016-31.05.2018
Budget 1 500 000 Euro
Aid Channel Bilateral
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart NCCM
Implementing Institution NCCM
Description Contribute to strengthen the technical and operational capacities of NCCM to improve quality and quantity of social services provided to the most vulnerable families and children in Fayoum Governorate
Expected Results 1.      The implementation of integrated pilot model is monitored al local level and NCCM national policies adjusted based on the evidence acquired and lessons learned in Fayoum governorate

2.      A baseline assessment is carried out in 50 villages within the 6 districts of Fayoum Governorate

3.      A database system containing data and information collected by the baseline assessment is established and updated regularly

4.      A center for networking and enhancement of integrated social services for deprived children and families is established and operational in Fayoum

5.      12 Selected CSOs in the 6 districts of Fayoum Governorate have enhanced capacities to coordinate and network existing local services for the creation of an integrated model of development

6.      Vulnerable children are sensitized about the targeted problems and aware of their rights

7.      New income generating interventions are promoted and implemented in selected villages of Fayoum Governorate in order to economically empower the most vulnerable women-headed families

8.      Good practices and lessons learnt from the empowerment experience are published and accessible

Target Beneficiaries Direct:

Deprived families and their children

12 CSOs

Reference Contacts