Sector Environment
Program/Project Title Development of 15th of May Zabaleen Recyclers Community
Location Zabaleen Area in 15th of May district, Cairo Governorate
Duration 12 months
Start – End date N/A
Budget 32.000.000 EGP (15.000.000 EGP Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development and 17.000.000 EGP Commodity Aid Fund)
Aid Channel Ex commodity Aid fund
Type of Support Counterpart fund
Applicant/Local Counterpart Informal Settlements Development Funds (ISDF)
Implementing Institution Informal Settlements Development Funds (ISDF)
Description –          Enhance the environmental safety of the area

–          Creation of urban plan for the area

–          Provision of basic infrastructure

–          Provision of basic services

–          Provision of health, environmental and social campaigns

Expected Results 1.      Completion of the industrial work of the canal conversion

2.       Infrastructure (water supply, Electricity supply and sewage)

3.      Education and Health care facilities

4.      Human capital development is strengthened in the area

Target Beneficiaries –          Local population

–          Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development

Contacts Person