Sector Socio – Economic
Program/Project Title Actions for Marginalized Groups in Greater Cairo
Location Ezbet El Haggana and Ezbet el-Khirallah in Greater Cairo
Duration 30 ++ Months
Start – End date 01.10.2015-30.03.2018
Budget 5.000.000 EGP
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt for Development Swap Programme Phase III
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Ricerca e Cooperazione
Implementing Institution RC, in partnership with New Horizon Association for Social Development, and Al-Shehab Institution for Comprehensive Development
Description The project aims to support marginalized groups (children, youth and women) and low-income families in marginalized areas on different levels. In particular, the action intends to enhance the socio-economic condition of marginalized groups and increase families’ incomes in Greater Cairo in doing the following:

·         Stimulating employment and income generating activities. The support to families’ incomes in target areas will be addressed to youth and women and will be pursued in several ways: through saving and loans program, microcredit, vocational trainings, business skills development and installation of professional workshops. First of all, the project will give the possibilities to marginalized groups to develop their skills through vocational trainings where women and youth will learn a profession; then, they will be supported by the project’s financial (VSLA and Microcredit) and technical tools (Business Planning software) for starting a business. Moreover, the action will encourage the release of ID and birth certificate as a fundamental step for the social and economic inclusion.

·         Integrating children education standards with creative and participatory approaches. This component will focus on child protection and participation techniques. The project will organize capacity building workshops for technical staff of the two partner organizations. The result will be the development of skills in specific creative disciplines as theatre and music with the aim of facilitating the social inclusion of marginalized children and youth.

Raising awareness and project results dissemination. The project will aim to raise the awareness of target groups on issues such as the access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life style. That will be achieved through the creation of community and family gardens in the target areas where the education on nutrition will be followed by concrete realization of “spaces” for the production of basic essential nourishments. Moreover, the project will work on launching community initiatives for the enhancement of target groups’ neighborhoods. Finally, project result, successful stories and best practices will be disseminated.

Expected Results 1.      Job creating promotion and income generated activities for women, youth and small enterprises are facilitated through access to services

2.      Children education standards towards more creative and participatory approaches enhancement

3.      Family friendly environment promotion in target areas

Target Beneficiaries Marginalized groups (children, youth and women) in the targeted areas.
Contacts Person