Sector Social Affairs
Program/Project Title Employ Some to Feed Many (ESTFM)
Location New Valley Governorate
Duration 24 Months
Start – End date 01.07.2016 – 31.08.2018
Budget 5.000.000 EGP
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – Third Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart New Horizon Association for Social Development (NHASD)
Implementing Institution New Horizon Association for Social Development (NHASD)
Description The project focuses on job creation through vocational trainings for youth in the organic agriculture field to achieve food security in the New Valley Governorate. The project aims to enhance youth capacities to help them find jobs and increase their income through vocational trainings. Furthermore, the project supports young people to start their own small business to generate job opportunities not only for them but also for others. Developing youth skills in organic agriculture will increase land productivity, refresh the agriculture sector and promote the idea of food safety in the New Valley.
Target Beneficiaries Direct beneficiaries are 1630: Youth, women, small farmers, community members, NGOs’ representatives.

Indirect Beneficiaries are 6850:1600 (direct beneficiaries less NGOs’ representatives) *4 (average n. of family members less the direct beneficiary) + 450 community members benefiting from the new job opportunities created through NGOs local initiatives

Expected Results 1.      At least 90% of 350 trained youth is able to get jobs in organic agriculture field and their income increased.

2.      At least 90% of employed small farmers are able to expand the size of agricultural land in order to ensure the availability of food in the community

3.      At least 60% of the trained women are able to enhance its socio-economic status by obtaining job opportunities

4.      At least 80% of the trained youth is qualified to successfully manage its own small project

5.      Trained local NGOs have their own local initiatives which support employment theme

6.      Community members are able to adopt an organic lifestyle and modern agricultural lifestyles

7.      250 young businessmen start their own small projects and stay at their family place in the New Valley, contributing to the achievement of the reverse migration concept

Target Beneficiaries Youth in the target area
Contacts Person