Sector Economic Development
Program/Project Title Italian-Egyptian Integrated Technical Education Cluster (ITEC) in Abu Ghaleb City, Giza Governorate
Location Abu Ghaleb, Giza Governorate, Egypt
Duration 66 months
Start – End date To be determined
Budget IEDS Total contribution: 63,206,254 EGP

EDF Total contribution:   71,000,000 EGP

Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – III Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Egyptian Education Development Fund (EDF)
Implementing Institution Egyptian Education Development Fund (EDF)
Description The project intends to contribute to improving the professional and technical education system in Egypt, in order to meet the needs of the Egyptian labour market, and enhance the competitiveness of Egyptian technicians in regional and global markets.

Building on the experience and lessons learnt of the Integrated Technical Education Cluster (ITEC) established in Demo, Fayoum Governorate, under the second Italian-Egyptian Debt for Development Swap Programme, the project would establish a new ITEC in the City of Abu Ghaleb, Giza Governorate.

The new ITEC will adopt a 3+2 model. The first stage of 3 years will comprise two educational paths the IeFP (the Italian-Egyptian Joint Technical Secondary School) and the VSS (the Egyptian Vocational Secondary School). The IeFP will offer one specialization: the electrical installation and photovoltaic specialisation as a replica of the program adopted in the ITEC in Fayoum. The VSS would offer specialisation in electrical installations, manufacturing, construction and garment.

At the steady state, the yearly number of new student enrolment will reach 1750 as for the following breakdown:

•           300 in the 3 years of the 1st stage of the IeFP

•           100 in the 2 years of the 2nd stage of the ITC

•           300 in the 3 years of the VSS in electrical installations and air-conditioning

•           450 in the 3 years of the VSS in construction

•           300 in the 3 years of the VSS in manufacturing

•           300 in the 3 years of the VSS in garment

Expected Results 1.      The ITEC educational and managerial structure is operational and qualitative

2.      The ITEC educational and managerial structure is operational and qualitative

3.      2ndstage in the ITEC: ITC in manufacturing

4.      VSS specialisations

Target Beneficiaries Direct beneficiaries in the frame of the project:

a)         2,300 Egyptian students enrolled in the ITEC and in the VSS during the 5 and half years duration of the project.

b)         Other direct beneficiaries are the teachers of the ITEC and the administration staff of EDF.

c)         Indirect beneficiaries are the concerned ministries and the private sector

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