Sector Social Affair
Program/Project Title Reintegration and Protection of the Social, Health and Legal Rights of Young Women and Street Children
Location Greater Cairo
Duration 36 months
Start – End date 01.02.2015-28.02.2018
Budget EGP 4,610,155.00
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – III Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Hope Village Society (HVS)
Implementing Institution HVS
Description The project intends to support a comprehensive program to enhance the quality, the effectiveness and the impact of services provided by NGOs to street children, as well as the quality of life and future opportunities for young street mothers.

In this frame, a new branch for Young Street Mothers and Street Girls composed of a Mobile Unit, a Reception Day-care Center and two training workshops will be established in Giza.  The branch will provide street children with services such as food, clothing, medical examinations, counseling and vocational trainings.

HVS will also work with parents to facilitate the reintegration – when possible – of children into their families, also by providing micro-loans, and with local Government and NGOs to facilitate other services delivery (e.g. hospital referrals and literacy programs).In this respect, the project will focus on capacity building, providing diversified capacity building and training programs addressed to HVS members, to improve the qualifications of social workers and create a more protective environment for children within the NGOs.

At the rehabilitative level, children will be actively involved in artistic/educational activities and vocational training workshops. An awareness component will focus on providing children with information and basic knowledge on the health risks they might encounter, on the protective measures they should adopt to avoid diseases and on the symptoms, they should recognize. At this aim, children will participate in regular interactive sessions both inside the reception centers and in the streets. The component will also include trainings for medical practitioners and social workers in the local community.

Finally, the proposed project will introduce a fully-fledged component on psycho-social rehabilitation of children. This component will engage a dedicated full-time body of psychologists and psychiatrists who will provide daily psycho-social care for children. In accordance with the needs identified, training sessions on psycho-social support will be delivered to social workers to prepare them to deal with children at risk and street children victim of exploitation, neglect or abuse and witnessing tragic events. Advocacy action will be ensured to contribute changing the social stigmas and negative image associated with street children and leading to their marginalization and criminalization.

Expected Results 1.      Care services are provided to at least 1000 street children out of which 20 are trained as youth mentors on health issues (health check-up and basic medication, food counselling) (Medical and health services component)

2.      The life condition of at least 500 young street mothers and girls is improved through social rehabilitation, family integration to at least 100 children, and awareness raising on health, rights and legal issues (Rehabilitation and Self-realization/ confidence component)

3.      At least 320 street children/youth are economically empowered through vocational training, literacy programmes and at least 200 loan disbursements. (Skills acquisition, Income generation and credit loan component)

4.      The sustainability of street children and children at risk social inclusion is ensured in the long term by enhancing the capacities of 10 community leaders, 20 street children and 4 NGOs/ CDAs (foster sustainability and reach out of the actions) whereas lessons are transferred to 100 community members

5.      Awareness is raised on the phenomenon of street children among policy makers, media and the community for collective support and providing solutions. (Advocacy component that support the re-integration process of street children within families and communities and development of child protection network)

Target Beneficiaries 1. Street children and children at risk and their families, in marginalized areas in Greater Cairo, where inhabitants are denied basic rights, are vulnerable to all sorts of abuse, and live under severe social, economic, and health conditions

2. 10 Social workers, health providers and psychologist

3. NGOs and community members in target areas:

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