Sector Rural Development (Women Empowerment; access to micro credit, capacity building and human resource development)
Program/Project Title Tamkeen: Empowering Women -with focus on Female Heads of Household (FHHs) – and Youths in Fayoum Governorate
Location El Adwa district
Duration 24 months
Start – End date 01.04.2015-30.06.2017
Budget EGP 5.000.000
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – III Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Association of the Development and Enhancement of Women (ADEW)
Implementing Institution Association of the Development and Enhancement of Women (ADEW)
Description The overall objective of the project is to alleviate poverty, social and economic exclusion in the underserved community of El Adwa district in Fayoum Governorate. The project will emphasis on the empowerment of women by building the capacities, creating immediate employment, advocate and initiate a sustainable development mechanism for the benefit of the area.

The initiative provides a set of well-integrated programs that combine service with education and training. Through this methodology ADEW guarantees the development of a more financially, more legally and more socially aware and independent woman. Such development does not occur overnight, but rather through many years of continuous work and through ADEW building a regular and supportive presence.

‘Tamkeen” is therefore, designed to provide Female Heads of Household, their families and youth in targeted areas in Fayoum with access to credit, legal assistance and social empowerment. The objective is to empower women, specifically women who are the sole or main supporters of their families, by providing them with access to appropriate credit, technical assistance, information, and legal aid services, and by creating a gender-sensitive policy environment that is responsive to their needs.  The project will indeed expand and extend its credit, legal, health, literacy, Girls’ Dreams, Arab Women Speak Out and Community Organization Programs to thousands of women and their families. ADEW will reach out to these women and give and sustain opportunities to participate in income-generating activities, as well as in legal and social empowerment programs thus providing a lifeline to thousands of destitute families in Fayoum area. This project also aims at reviving many of these economic traditional sectors through provision of a package of social and economic services to youth and women.

To ensure sustainability, especially in non-economic programs (social and legal), ADEW will cooperate and train local CDAs, community leaders and government officials in the targeted areas so that they can continue similar social and legal activities. To promote ownership, the project will directly employ field workers and coordinators’ youth from the community, and finally will enforce community participation by creating a sustainable mechanism for strong partnership between natural leaders, government officials, government agencies and private sector and other stakeholders. The planned action will also emphasize on the importance of advocacy strategy

Expected Results –          Female Heads of Households, and adolescent girls

–          Local Community/Natural leaders

–          Community Development Associations (CDAs)

–          Government officials representing the local administration in El Adwa district and its three villages in Fayoum governorate.

–          Youth (young male and female)

–          Policy Makers and the Media at large

Target Beneficiaries R1. At least 300 among disadvantaged Female Heads of Household, young women and men are economically empowered through capacity building and loans disbursement (Micro credit component)

R2. The legal status and conditions of 5136 women and adolescent girls is improved and their awareness on legal issues is increased (legal component)

R3. At least 540 women are socially empowered, thus women’s participation in community public life has increased (self-confidence component)

R4. The sustainability of legal and social services is ensured in the long term by enhancing the capacities of 150 natural leaders, 15 government officials and 3 CDAs (Community Mobilization Component) El-Adwa area’s CDAs have had their skills & expertise promoted after having received the different training sessions provided by ADEW.

R5. The image of women in general and of poor FHHs in particular has improved among policy makers, media, and the community

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