Sector Education
Program/Project Title Vocational Training Of Arts and Crafts For Monuments Restoration And Cultural Property Promotion in The Community
Location Cairo Governorate
Duration 24 Months
Start – End date
Budget 5 000 000 EGP
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme –  III Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Italian-Egyptian Centre for Restoration and Archeology
Implementing Institution Italian-Egyptian Centre for Restoration and Archeology
Description The project focuses on the Vocational Education and Training (VET) for arts and crafts in the field of restoration of buildings and monuments and on the enhancement of the social value of the Cultural Property, for the improvement of life in historical areas and for the improvement of work opportunities, according to an Egyptian-Italian Memorandum of Understanding dated October 26,2008.

In specific, the project will focus on: (i)the professional training and specialization of workers already operating in the field, by means of theoretical and practical courses and specific training courses for students, craftsmen and professionals, (ii) the preservation/restoration and maintenance interventions within the activities of the work-site school, (iii) the diffusion and promotion of the Culture Property awareness at different levels (i.e in specific neighborhood and the city) through workshops, meetings and cultural events.

Expected Results 1.      The sustainability of monuments’ restoration and maintenance is ensured and the continuity of Vocational Education and Training (VET) is enabled on the long term by enhancing the capacities of 120 persons (among coordinators, students, artisans, restorers, NGOs etc..) (Capacity building/ theoretical-practical training component)


2.      Restoration and conservation intervention is accomplished by restoring Sunqur Sa’di minaret, establishing Mevlevi museum, and enhancing the archeological and technological knowledge of 3 buildings of the area (Yashbak, Aqbardy and Mohamed Mevlevi palaces) (improved Environment condition; Restoration and Conservation component)


3.      Social awareness on the value of cultural and monuments’ restoration, and respect to culture property are raised in the community through the involvement of experts, NGOs, official authorities and the citizens of the Helmiyya-El Khalifa district. (Spreading conservation culture in respect to culture property component)

Target Beneficiaries Professionals and students for arts and crafts
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