Sector Cultural Heritage
Program/Project Title UNESCO/ ltaly Extra budgetary Cooperation: Rehabilitation of the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo (MIA) damaged exhibition
Location Cairo
Duration 24 months
Start – End date Activities will start January/February 2018
Budget 800.000 Euro
Aid Channel Bilateral
Type of Support grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart UNESCO
Implementing Institution UNESCO
Description The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo is considered one of the most important in the world with its exceptional collection of rare woodwork, plaster, metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, and textile objects. It was heavily damaged on 24 January 2014 by a terrorist car bombing attack targeting the main security headquarters located in front of the Museum building. The government launched a call for cooperation to which the Italian government generously responded with a contribution of 800.000 Euros. Hence, the Italian Cooperation in Cairo, the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt and UNESCO have agreed to join forces through the present project that aims to enhance the valorisation of Islamic Art in Egypt by contributing to the full rehabilitation of the Museum particularly upgrading its capacities in restoration, conservation, registration, data collection and risk-preparedness.
Expected Results 1)      Management, curatorial and conservation capacities in Islamic Art Egyptian museums enhanced.

2)      Conservation Protocols for all categories of Museum Collections prepared.

3)      At least two Museum registries and databases standardized and updated to international sustainable standards.

4)      Systematic programmes established for the promotion of Islamic Art in Egypt and abroad.

5)      Selected collections and Islamic objects of outstanding importance restored, documented and in public display for advanced knowledge and promotion of Islamic Art.

6)      Network of Islamic Art museums and collections in Egypt and at international level created.

7)      Collections are displayed and presented according to professional standards.

8)      The Museum of Islamic Art and one or more associated museums are fully functional based on international standards.

Target Beneficiaries Museum managers, curators, conservators, guides, Islamic Art museums and experts’ community.
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