Sector Social Affairs
Program/Project Title Promotion of Women’s Rights by Strengthening the Capacities of the Civil Society Organization in the Governorate of Suhag
Location The Governorate of Sohag, Upper Egypt. Districts of Sohag, Dar Es Salaam, Gerga, Tema, El Monshaa
Duration 36 months
Start – End date 01.03.2010-31.03.2013
Budget EGP 3,731,896.00
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Italian NGO for Empowerment, Interchange and Solidarity (MAIS)
Implementing Institution MAIS
Description The project aims to promote and strengthen women’s and children’s rights by strengthening the capacities of the civil society organizations in the area. A capacity building program on gender, human rights and violence will be implemented with the key actors of each community in order to deliver an awareness program to all layers of the community later on. An awareness raising program and media campaign will be carried out in the area of intervention in order to increase the general knowledge of the subject with a special emphasis on violence as a violation of human rights. Violence concepts will be approached by analyzing the problem with its legal, religious, social and medical implications. Support services to women will be given such as legal, psychological and medical counselling. Moreover, micro credit loans will be provided to the most needing women in the project, upon communication from the facilitators and the field monitors, in order to empower them economically. A media campaign will be implemented on national and local scale in order to tackle the issues addressed by the project and to spread the action’s achievements and developments.
Expected Results 1.      Violent practices against women and young girls in the area of intervention became more visible.

2.      Increased Civil society capacity to advocate for and organize activities to eradicate violence against women.

3.      Raised awareness of the harmful practices inflicted on women and young girls.

4.      Facilitated the access to services that support women victims of violent practices

Target Beneficiaries –          Direct beneficiaries: 2000 Men, 3000 Women and 5000 Children in the Governorate of Sohag.

–          Indirect beneficiaries: CSOs in the target area, community key actors (doctors, lawyers, journalists, teachers, religious leaders) and the community as a whole.

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