Sector Environment
Program/Project Title Sustainable Development in the Southern Egyptian Red Sea.
Location Coastal area and adjacent marine waters in the Southern Egyptian Red Sea, between Marsa Alam and the border with Sudan.
Duration 36 + months
Start – End date 01.03.2011-31.09.2014
Budget EGP 12,521,045 (IEDS Contribution)

EGP 6,997,973 (HEPCA contribution)

Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA)
Implementing Institution Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA)
Description The project will involve a set of interconnected activities, which will support the economic development of Egypt’s southern coastal and marine zone while ensuring that its natural beauty and biodiversity will remain intact. A team of Italian professionals will be present in the area during the project’s period aiming at the creation of local capacity to implement activities related to the conservation and sustainable use of their marine and coastal environment, and will interact closely with Egyptian entities (i.e., Red Sea Protectorates, Nature Conservation Sector/NCS of EE-AA, Egyptian NGOs) and other international and Italian organisations (e.g., CoNISMa) to reach the stated objectives.
Expected Results 1.      The necessary ecological knowledge is acquired and applied

2.      National capacity in the field of Red Sea marine conservation and research practice is strengthened. This will involve:  The construction and operation of a field research station in an appropriate location on Egypt’s southern coast. The main objectives of the marine research station at Abu Dabab will focus on:

3.      Nature Conservation Sector (NCS) of EEAA is supported in high-level communication of achievement and international networking

4.      Local economic growth in handicraft and coral farm sectors is supported

5.      Local youth is trained in diving and eco-guiding business.

6.      Fishermen community is involved in the conservation effort

7.      Feasibility and sustainability of private tourist investment assessed

8.      Informal settlement and living utilities of a selected local community is upgrade.

9.      Freshwater resources are secured to a selection of the region’s communities

Target Beneficiaries The local communities; the Egyptian institutions, including: the Nature Conservation Sector of EEAA, the Red Sea Protectorates, the Red Sea Governorate; the national marine research community; the nation at large, through the preservation of its marine environment and pro-motion of sustainable development; the Red Sea tourist industry and the international tourist community.
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