Sector Social Affairs
Program/Project Title Health Governance Unit
Location Egypt
Duration 24 +++ months
Start – End date 01.02.2015-30.11.2017
Budget EGP 24,869,784.77
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Medical Research Institute, Alexandria University
Implementing Institution Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) and Medical Research Institute (MRI)
Description Building up a multifaceted Governance Unit with full capacity to diagnose new emerging infectious agents and on the same time having the human resources capable of providing technical assistance, training and consultancy in their control measures. The Governance Unit will use the infrastructure of the Medical Technology Centre already established through previous programs of Egyptian Italian cooperation programs and will upgrade and strengthen its scope and mission in serving the health needs of the Egyptian population, as well as develop its capacity to be a decision making centre accommodating the principle of  Excellency for various aspects related to the Egyptian health sector in terms of reform and management of emerging infectious diseases.
Expected Results R1.      MRI-GU capacity developed to set strategic and business plans and to manage human, financial and technological resources accordingly.

R2.      MRI-GU capacity developed with the preparation of level 3 bio-facility to handle emerging infectious agents, to set strategic and business plans accordingly and to manage human, financial and technological resources accordingly.

R3.      MRI-GU, positioned as a leading centre, addressing human and professional resources, technology and policy framework as foreseen by the HSRP in Alexandria and nationwide.

R4.      Study and research in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tropical, infectious and chronic diseases, focusing on strengthening primary and secondary care and the referral and management information system conducted.

R5.      MRI-GU positioned as an academic and professional centre of excellence by formulating and implementing TNA and training activities at the light of the HSRP and donor community needs and demand.

R6.      MRI-GU enabled to apply for EU, bilateral and international research grants and other cooperation funding programs, by strengthening its administrative capacity and overall visibility, with appropriate communication and marketing support.

R7.      Formal collaborative links with all the HSRP relevant technical players, such as primarily WHO Regional Office (EMRO) established.

R8.      Overall MRI-GU visibility enhanced.

R9.      A capacity building methodological approach based on Management by Objectives and process evaluation implemented and applied in MRI-GU management and disseminated at Governorate level.

Target Beneficiaries Alexandria population; as a model for a large scale implementation on the Egyptian population.
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