Sector Agriculture, Rural Development
Program/Project Title Marine Aquaculture Development in Egypt (MADE
Location Alexandria Governorate
Duration 71 months
Start – End date 31.10.2017
Budget EGP 38.472.417,00
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation,

General Authority for Fishery Resources Development

Implementing Institution Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation,

General Authority for Fishery Resources Development and IAMB

Description The general objective of the MADE project is to develop Mediterranean fishery and marine aquaculture in Egypt through synergic actions between the public and the private components and actors. The Egyptian institution must regulate the development process according to sustainable and responsible approaches, aiming, in any case, at offering new opportunities to the Egyptian actors consolidating the dialogue and the technological links between the stakeholders of the two Mediterranean shores.

The specific objective of the project is to implement a “sector leading action”, supporting the public/private dialogue in Egypt, both trough global assistance (technical window for private enterprises) and productive activities, focused on seed production (marine hatchery) and demonstrative cage unit management, according to sustainable and responsible guidelines.

The purpose is to determine growth and consolidation of Egyptian enterprises, along the Mediterranean coast, proposing technological links between the two Mediterranean shores.

Expected Results 1.      Consolidation of sustainable and responsible productive approach in aquaculture and small fishery sectors. (FAO code);

2.      Institutional Fish unit improvement inspections reorganisation and training);

3.      Hatchery management know-how and technology acquisition;

4.      cage management and know-how and technology acquisition.

Target Beneficiaries Egyptian Institutions and private sector
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