Sector Environment
Program/Project Title Solid Waste Management in Minya Governorate
Location Minya Governorate
Duration 60 months
Start – End date -31.09.2017
Budget EGP 32,226,130.00
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs
Implementing Institution United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Description The project will work with Minya Governorate for encouraging the private entrepreneurs to participate in providing waste collection and disposal services including composting plant, through mutual rights/obligations contracts.

The project will provide a technology transfer to Minya governorate, through different levels:

1- Establishing a modern waste recycling plant with innovative and patented technology.

2- Provide technical assistance through upgrading waste collection services and secure waste final disposal.

3- Provide training for the management staff of the recycling plant and relevant SWMU in Minya through organizing in- the- job training (during the project implementation period) and organizing a study tour to Italy.

Expected Results 1.      Physically, establish a sustainable pilot prototype (Composting Plant) which will use a modern technology for the recycling of municipal and agricultural wastes;

2.      Technically, a group of people who will be trained on the operation and maintenance of the plant (The staff of the plant and the SWMU members), and on operating the overall SWM System on certain technically appropriate, economically feasible, socially acceptable and environmentally sound standards and measures;

3.      Environmentally, recycling of about 200 tons of waste/day which reduces pollution (smoke due to open burning of agricultural and municipal wastes, and leaching of waste to the surface and ground water, and soil contamination as well,

4.      Economically, generating direct employment opportunities for more than 40 persons who will work in the new plant and hundreds of indirect employment opportunities for those who will work in selling and buying compost and waste materials and work in transportation and agriculture and land reclamations.

Target Beneficiaries Direct beneficiary: Minya Governorate, as recipient of the new plant

Indirect beneficiaries: communities served by the plant

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