Sector Agriculture and Trade
Program/Project Title Green Trade Initiative
Location Egypt – Selected rural areas
Duration 3 years (with one year extension)
Start – End date 01.12. 2013- 31.12.2017
Budget EGP 55 Million
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme  II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade
Implementing Institution United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Description The Initiative aims to enhance the competitiveness of Egyptian horticultural fresh production and, consequently, its export rate towards Europe, through Italy, by building capacity at institutional level and by stimulating links and partnerships between the Italian and Egyptian private sectors not only in production and export but also in the transfer of technical assistance, know-how and technology. In particular, the GTI is focusing on four main pillars:

i)                    Enhancement of horticultural produce quality and phyto-sanitary controls by defining and adopting national standards for quality and monitoring for production and export of high-value fresh produce and introducing phyto-sanitary protocols in line with the European regulations;

ii)                  Integration and strengthening of logistics and transportation infrastructures inside and outside the country to ensure a fast access to European markets;

iii)                Increase private sector investments in the value chain by mobilizing existing financial resources;

Better access to the national and international markets for the small producers through the dissemination of horticulture market information (prices and products), the participation to specialized fairs and last but not least foster the establishment of joint ventures with Italian and, in general, European companies.

Expected Results 1.      Establishment of the Export Development Agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry

2.      The issuance of the Ministerial Decree to having the pesticide Applicators being certified after adopting a special programme designed by the projects

3.      The establishment and installation of the road sign indicating the activation of Fast Lane routes for containers carrying perishable goods in both Alexandria and Dekhelia Ports.

Target Beneficiaries The direct beneficiaries of the Intervention action are the small and medium farmers, the institutional bodies responsible for the horticultural production and food safety, logistic services provider, and the final consumers in the Egyptian and European market who will have access to better and healthier horticultural products.
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