Sector Cultural Heritage
Program/Project Title Institutional Support to the Ministry of Antiquities – ex Supreme Council of Antiquities for management, maintenance and Permanent opening to the cultural tourism the Medinet Madi Archaeological Park
Location Governorate of Fayoum: Medinet Madi Archaeological Park
Duration 9 months
Start – End date 01.09.2013-31.05.2014
Budget EGP 3,120,645.50
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart UNDP
Implementing Institution Ministry of State for Antiquities / ex Supreme Council of Antiquities, UNDP and the Italian Tuscia University
Description This project was the natural continuation of the cultural component (named ISSEMM 2) of the “Egyptian-Italian Environmental Cooperation Programme (EIECP)”. In this framework, the project aimed to contribute to guarantee and upgrade the sustainability of the activities undertaken to promote the Archaeological Park of Medinet Madi opened in May 2010.


The overall objectives were:

•                     Managing and permanent opening of the Archaeological Park of Medinet Madi and its Visitor Centre within an environmentally and conservation sustainable approach. Contributing to the economic enhancement of the National Fayoum Community based on the respectful use and promotion of the National Cultural Heritage.

Contributing towards sustainable development process and eco-tourism promotion of Fayoum

Expected Results 1.      Open permanently to the public Medinet Madi archaeological park and his Visitor Centre, enhancing the visitors’ facilities and supporting cultural tourism activities.

2.      Managing and Promoting the archaeological Park of Medinet Madi as pilot research field related to sustainable use and conservation of fragile sites.

3.      Strengthening the capacity building of the SCA management staff and local stakeholder.

4.      Transmit to future generations one of the most important archaeological sites of the Fayoum region using it as an economic resource.

5.      integration between WRPA/EEAA and Medinet Madi /SCA like a unique archaeological and environmental Park, inclusion of Medinet Madi Archaeological Park within the boundaries of the WRPA.

6.      Contributing to increase the financial resources and increasing the revenues

Target Beneficiaries Ministry of State for Antiquities / ex Supreme Council of Antiquities; Governorate of Fayoum, related districts and local communities living around the Archaeological park of Medinet Madi.
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