Sector Environment
Program/Project Title Support to the Egyptian Protected Areas (SEPA)
Location Siwa Protected Area, Wadi el Rayan Protected Area and Wadi Gamal National Park
Duration 42 months
Start – End date 01.05.2011-31.05.2016
Budget EGP 11,000,000
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)
Implementing Institution UNDP
Description SEPA project is an evolution of the Egyptian-Italian Environmental Cooperation Program (EIECP), intended to contribute to the sustainability of activities undertaken to enhance the system of the Protected Areas (PAs) of Egypt. The intervention carried out its activities in Siwa Protected Area, Wadi el Rayan Protected Area and Wadi Gamal National Park.

The project further strengthened the Management Units of targeted PAs, developed sustainable tourism, and contributed to the promotion of world-class parks, which could enhance, from one side, the conservation of both natural and cultural heritage and, from the other side, act as a propulsive instrument for the socio-economic sustainable development of local communities.


The project’s main goal was to support and enhance the system of the Egyptian Protected Areas (Siwa Protected Area, Wadi el Rayan Protected Area, Wadi Gamal National Park) and contributing towards the sustainable development process and ecotourism promotion. In specific, the project aimed at: 1) improving the management capacities of the target areas; 2) contributing to the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage and to the sustainable economic development of local communities; and 3) enhancing the visitors’ facilities in the selected Protected Areas as World class tourism destinations.

Expected Results 1.      EEAA capacities and resources for management and conservation are enhanced in Siwa Protected Area (Siwa PA), Salloum Protected Area (Salloum PA), Gilf Kebir National Park (GKNP), Wadi el Rayan Protected Area (WRPA) and Wadi Gamal National Park (WGNP).


2.      The Visitor Centers established in the frame of EIECP (Siwa Visitor Center, Wadi el Rayan Visitor Center, Gilf Kebir Information Center in Dakhla) are fully operational.


3.      Visitor facilities in the target areas are developed and enhanced as World class tourism destinations.


4.      Information and Communication tools are produced, and environmental awareness is promoted in the selected PAs

Target Beneficiaries Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs (MSEA)/Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA); Governorates of Marsa Matrouh, Fayoum, New Valley and Red Sea, related districts and local communities, population living in and around the PAs, tourism sector.
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