Sector Cultural Heritage
Program/Project Title Supporting the Rehabilitation of the Mallawi Museum in Minya Governorate
Location Mallawi, Minya Governorate
Duration 12 months
Start – End date 01.02.2016-28.02.2017
Budget EGP 4.474.000,00
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Ministry of State for Antiquities
Implementing Institution Ministry of State for Antiquities, the museum sector
Description The project intends to contribute improving the socio-economic conditions of Mallawi local community, in Minya Governorate, harnessing the tourist potential of the Mallawi Museum. For this purpose, the project will contribute rehabilitating the Museum – looted during the protests erupted in summer 2013 – through the supply of new exhibition equipment, including showcases, lighting, graphic and didactic panels. Further, to promote the Museum within the cultural tourist network, the project will foster its connection with other tourist sites, enhancing its visibility and improving the capacities of its personnel to deal with tourists.


The action, therefore, will enhance the overall importance of the Museum of Mallawi and the affiliated area of Mallawi, and promote its cultural inclusion in the Egyptian cultural tourism through the refurbishment of the museum by the supply of a new exhibition, showcases, lighting, graphic and didactical panels. The project will create the connection of the museum exhibition to other local visitable cultural settlement, particularly to tell el-Amarna, leading to the development of the social and economic status of the community, while encouraging micro-economy based on cultural tourism.


Through the creation of a network with other local archaeological sites, the project will allow access to the formation of true environmental system through modern and secured museum displays and networking technology in communication with the global network and international museums; hence, improve the visibility of Mallawi Museum on World Wide Web base, and promoting the inclusion of Mallawi locality in Egyptian Cultural tourism.


The rehabilitation of the museum will demand the capacity building program for the museum staff to cope with the networking technology and the security and safeguard of the museum; as well as the development of public awareness and school programs to help Egyptians and school students understand the importance of the national cultural heritage.

Expected Results 1.      New exhibition is established and educational programs to local youth are developed.

2.      Networking technology in communication with global museum is created and the museum staff skills are upgraded.

3.      Mallawi museum is visible and the inclusion of Mallawi locality is promoted in Egyptian Cultural tourism

Target Beneficiaries Direct Beneficiaries: Mallawi Museum, the Personnel of Regional Museum of Mallawi, the Mallawi community


Indirect Beneficiaries: Ministry of State for Antiquities, Menya Governorate; Cultural Tourism Sector in Egypt

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