Sector Agriculture and Rural Development
Program/Project Title Sustainable Rural Development of Bahariya Oasis (SRDBO)
Location Bahariya Oasis (Bawity, Kasr and Mandisha)
Duration 20 months
Start – End date 28.02.2013-31.10.2015
Budget EGP 8,000,000.00
Aid Channel Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme – II Phase
Type of Support Grant
Applicant/Local Counterpart Egyptian Association for Science and Technology Experts (EASTE)
Implementing Institution EASTE
Description The project aims at improving livelihoods and living conditions of rural communities in Bahariya Oasis by enhancing agricultural production of traditional crops, as well as developing the skills needed to work in industries based on these crops. Moreover, the project intends to harness the potentials of local handicrafts and other local traditional business creating the conditions and possibilities leading to sustainable development in the fields of olive, date palm, apricot and pomegranate cultivation. The intervention will therefore valorize, protect and enhance available natural resources, creating a solid ground for sustainable resource management and environmental protection
Expected Results 1.      Established an effective agriculture system, including agricultural management, agriculture development practices, and agricultural products quality.

2.      Identified and started off sustainable income generating activities harnessing local / traditional agricultural and hand

3.      Improved handcraft skills of local community members, especially of women crafts products as well as local industries potential.

4.      Increased awareness on women role and nutrition and environmental issues among rural communities’ member

5.      Increased capacities of local NGOs and Cooperatives to provide services to the community

Target Beneficiaries The target group of the project includes low-income groups and current residents of Bahariya region as well as representatives of official bodies and civil society organizations that will participate in activities implemented by the project
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