On February 7, 2018, representatives of the Technical Support Unit of the Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme (IEDS) and from the Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo – Ufficio Cairo (AICS) participated in the closing conference of the project titled “Re-integration and Protection of the Social, Health and Legal Rights of Young Women and Street Children”, implemented by the Egyptian NGO Hope Village Society Cairo and financed under the third phase of the IEDS.

During the event, Dr. Felice Longobardi, Director of AICS Cairo, and Mr. Yassin Mubarak, expressed their satisfaction for the work done during the project, and praised Hope Village Society for their excellent work. Children rights and protection has always been one of the priority areas of work for the Italian Cooperation, and partnering with a pioneer NGO in Egypt working in this field has proven a valid approach to bring about positive change in the lives of street children in Cairo and Egypt.

The project, which is now concluding, aimed to contribute improving the quality of life and future prospects of young street mothers and girls, as well as reducing the street children phenomenon in Giza Governorate, by providing protection actions, vocational training, microcredit to mothers of children at risk, and raising awareness of the topic among the community, to erase the stigma associated with street children.