Improving technical education through the Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme

Giza-Education has always been a priority sector of intervention for the Italian cooperation in Egypt, and such commitment to the education sector concretized especially throughout the different phases of the Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme (IEDS), which is now at its third phase. The initiatives in this field mainly focus on technical education, through the establishment of secondary education institutions with a study path in Italian language.

The study path in Italian is the outcome of a successful partnerships between the Education Development Fund, implementing agency, and the Regione Emilia Romagna, which provides technical assistance and support throughout the projects, and takes part in the evaluation of graduating students according to Italian and European standards to grant them a double degree recognized throughout the whole EU area.

Within the second phase of the IEDS, one technical secondary school, named Integrated Technical Education Cluster (ITEC), has already been established in the village of Demo (Governorate of Fayoum), financed with a total of EGP 84,5 million. To date, more than 360 students have already graduated from the institute, which is now managed and administered by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Currently, under the third phase of the IEDS, the institute is being further developed thanks to the addition of a vocational secondary school with curriculum in Arabic language, with a fund of circa EGP 13 million, which will start enrolling students from the year 2019/2020.

The pilot experience of the ITEC in Demo has been so positive, that the Education Development Fund has signed an agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Education to adapt a total of 27 governmental schools in different Governorates to the ITEC model, ensuring great visibility to the project financed by the Italian cooperation.

Among these schools is that in Abu Ghaleb in Giza Governorate, that the IEDS’ third phase is financing with more than EGP 43 million. Building on the experience of the ITEC in Demo, the project intends to contribute to improving the professional and technical education system in Egypt, in order to meet the needs of the Egyptian labor market and enhance the competitiveness of Egyptian technicians in regional and global markets. The Technical Support Unit of the IEDS visited the structure on October 24, 2018, where activities have already started and around 102 students are enrolled in the school year 2018/2019, of which around 10% are female.



AICS Cairo representatives participated to the event titled “Leather Technology Center: A new Beginning for Innovation in the Leather Industry in Egypt”

Cairo – On november 12th 2018 Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo(AICS) in Cairo participated to the event titled “Leather Technology Center: A new Beginning for Innovation in the Leather Industry in Egypt” held at the Leather Technology Center (Leather hub) by Creative Mediterranean- CCI Clusters Project – UNIDO Egypt that has the aim to unveil the newly designed services to cater to the needs of the leather community in Egypt and connect businesses and designers through a constructive Design Talk with some of the booming Egyptian Leather Fashion Designers. This event is part of the regional programme “Development of cluster in cultural and Creative Industries in the Southern Mediterranean”financed by European Union in Egypt and by Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo.

The Leather Hub is calling out for the Next New Generation and we expect to offer and support more of the Leather beneficiaries.


Project Coordinator in Cairo for the new regional initiative “Assistance to and Empowerment of Syrian Refugee Women and Girls and Vulnerable Women and Girls in Host Communities in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon”

Cairo-During the week from October 21 until October 25, AICS Cairo had the possibility to facilitate the meetings between the Dr. Carla Pagano, project coordinator of the regional programme: “Assistance to and Empowerment of Syrian Refugee Women and Girls and Vulnerable Women and Girls in Host Communities in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon” with  local partners.

The aim of the project is to contribute to strength the socio-economic conditions of Syrian Refugees and vulnerable women in the host communities in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. The project has three component for Egypt:

  1. Fight gender based violence by strengthening four safe spaces where women can have access to physical, psychological support and vocational trainings- UNFPA component
  2. Socio-economic empowerment of Syrian women through their participation to vocational training and micro-credit activities- Civil Society component
  3. Women, Peace and Security- United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)

The project will be directly managed by AICS Rome in coordination with the local AICS offices in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. The local partners in the three countries are: National Council for Women in (NCW), Ministry of Social Solidarity, UNFPA, ong and ESCWA. The project duration is 36 months and it is worth 6 Million Euro.


Share The EU confirms its support to Egypt in the water sector through projects in 12 governorates that contribute to improving the lives of 12.5 million Egyptians

Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Egypt Mr. Ivan Surkoš and Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Ati opened today “The EU-Egypt Water Cooperation Days” held 17-18 October in the framework of the “Cairo Water Week”. Ambassadors of Germany and Italy attended the opening, with the participation of the Confederation of Egyptian-European Business Associations (CEEBA).

Robbiki Relocation Project – Participation to the Egyptian Delegation for Simac Tanning Tech and Lineapelle 2018

Cairo-The PMU of Robbiki Relocation Project has turned its attention to Simac Tanning Tech, the top-level international event for technology in the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, and participated in the Egyptian Delegation organized by the Italian Trade Agency in Simac Tanning 2018’s Edition.

18,000 sqm, 300 exhibitors, 20 foreign delegations and over 160 operators. These are some of the numbers that spelled out the importance of this event – a showcase of excellence for the many national and international exhibitors in attendance. This is an industry where Italian firms are undisputed world leaders who have the ability to shape future trends.

Concurrently with Simac Tanning Tech, from 20 to 22 February, the 94th edition of Lineapelle was held at Fiera Milano: this is the leading exhibition worldwide for leathers, accessories, alternative components and materials for clients in the fashion and luxury industry, furnishings and automotive sectors. A vast and diverse industrial sector, encompassing over 50,000 businesses that create a total annual turnover in excess of 150 billion dollars.

The feedback of the Italian exhibitors during the meetings held at their pavilions at the Simac Tanning Tech and Lineapelle 2018 compared to their business with the Egyptian operators was very positive and satisfying. This has been confirmed by the local sourced data of the Italy/Egypt exchange of leather tanning machines, relative to the first ten months of 2017. Italy has maintained its primary position as a supplier of technology to Egypt for a value of 3.733 Mln of US $, with a market share equal to 77,8% of the total Egyptian imports 4.8 Mln US$ achieving a growth of 877% compared to US $ 382 thousand in the same period of 2016.

The Italian programme funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for stability and addressing the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa is ready to be signed!

Cairo-September 2018-The Multi-Educational Programme for Employment Promotion in Migration-affected Areas (MEPEP) falls under the scope of the “Enhancing the Response to Migration Challenges in Egypt Programme which is funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for stability and addressing the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa.

With a planned three-year duration, the action aims at enhancing economic and equal opportunities, in particular for vulnerable groups by improving the quality of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system in Egypt.The Action targets the Sharkeya Governorate as it has been identified – according to a recent research conducted by the National Center for Sociological and Criminological Research – as one of the top-ten Governorates in Egypt that boast the largest number of Egyptian youth who wish to leave Egypt and illegally migrate to other countries. In particular, the 10th of Ramadan Industrial Zone resulted being the most relevant intervention area due to the presence of a dynamic Egyptian and non-Egyptian industrial force on which the creation of a high-level and market-oriented TVET Center can have the major impact.

The Implementation of the activities will be assigned to a TVET provider already operating in the country with an extensive experience in delivering innovative and alternative TVET, to be selected through a call for proposal.

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) – Cairo Office will work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoTI), namely the Productivity and Vocational Training Department (PVDT), as the main national entities mandated in the area of TVET.

Currently, the project formulation phase is concluded and the documents need to be validated by the European Union before the signature of the delegation agreement.

Cairo Water Week 14-18th October 2018

Cairo-The challenges faced by Egypt in the water sector are similar to those faced by most arid and semi-arid countries around the world at both national, regional and international levels. Most of them suffer from water scarcity and/or are vulnerable to climate change. Moreover, in some arid countries like Egypt, due to their geographical position , rivers originate from outside their borders. Those challenges and others result in increasing water scarcity and threatening water security. Egypt’s water is the most important pillar for achieving  national security. The comprehensive sustainable development plans in all fields are linked to the  state’s ability to provide the necessary water resources to implement  these plans. Therefore, the decision of  the State was to organize the “Cairo Water Week”. The Cairo Water Week is considered as the biggest water-related event in Egypt  and is planned to be organized  annually by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in collaboration with national, regional and international partners. It aims to promote water awareness and foster innovative approaches to face the most pressing water-related challenges, keep updated on  global  movements to address water challenges and  identify modern tools and techniques for managing water resources. The Week starts its first edition his year around  the Main Theme “Water Conservation for Sustainable Development”, it will take place in Cairo, Egypt during the period from 14-18 October 2018 under the patronage of H.E. Mr. Abdel Fatah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.